Guild Rating, End of October Poll

This is how you rated us: 3.97 (out of 5) grade average. Not bad! But obviously there’s space for improvement.

Here are some of your ideas that you would like to see done in the guild.

  1. You wanted more raids. Result: raids to be organised more frequently.
  2. You wanted organised mythic dungeons. Result: mythic dungeons organised from time to time through the in-game Calendar. Would like more?
  3. You wanted PvP events. Result: PvP events are now organised.
  4. You want events other than raids, like achievement runs, time-walking dungeons, etc. Well, we hear you! We are hoping to create such events in near future too. Keep checking your in game calendar.

There’s no point in hiding the “bad” stuff, so here are a few not-so-good things you fairly mentioned: silence on TS (we got the Jukebox tho!), sometimes slow raids (that has changed in the last two normal runs, hasn’t it?), people need to know their class better (this is a tricky one! we don’t have class leaders yet, but we do have players, so you can have a chat and find out something you might not have known… also, normal raids are on “farm” now – and that’s a good practice, no?)

Thanks for all your input. Much appreciated. Remember, that you too can shape the Guild you play in. Give us a whisper in game and let us know how you’d improve it!


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