About Us

Our gaming philosophy is characterised by a relaxed, fun, and respectful atmosphere that results in a successful completion of up-to-date PvE content.
To see our rank, visit WoWProgress link below for Terenas and Emerald Dream realms. PvP content is played by some of our members, but the Guild does not organise official PvP events. We provide a Discord channel (“Wild Wolves Guild”), and have a #lobby there which is free for all to visit and talk to us all directly. As for PvE, we organise heroic and normal mode raids, while the mythic and mythic plus dungeons, and other PvE events, are played by all of our members regularly. The raids are organised twice a week, starting at 21:00 (CET) and ending at 22:30 (CET). We would like you to constantly work on yourself, improve your performance, and work towards a solution rather than quit. We would also like you to show understanding toward each guild member. Our team of officers is here to assist you during your time with us, so speak to them to make your time in the guild most enjoyable!