Download Quick DKP V2 (download link) and you are going to be able to see the roster with DKP points. You may have to manually setup the addon first – see the steps below.

You may also find out your “Participation Points” by sending “?dkp” to an Officer by whisper chat. You should receive an automated reply with your Participation Points.

Setup Steps:

  1. Right click on Quick DKP icon
  2. Press “GUI Options” and select class based colours (this step is optional,  but makes it easier to read)
  3. Press “Guildnotes” and only select “Public Notes,” you do not have to do steps listed there
  4. Press again “Guildnotes” and untick “Read alts”
  5. Press “Profiles,” and under the existing profiles select “Wild Wolves”
  6. Close the window
  7. Left click on Quick DKP icon
  8. Press “Roster”
  9. Once it is open, wait a couple of seconds, and press “Total,” you should be able to see the roster clearly now