NPR Loot Rules

Loot Rules in Non-Progression Raids

  • The Participation Point System (aka DKP) with the Guild Master Looter

(Note that the rules concerning this may change over time)

You will be awarded points for participating in our progression raids, as well as in our non-progression raids. In most cases, these points will determine whether you will receive an item or not.

This is how it works:

Points are deducted to 0 for each main-spec item won.

Rolling for an off-spec item decreases your points by 1.

Rolling for a BoE item decreases your points by 1; in case that a person who looted the BoE item wants to equip it as well, the GML may decide to give the item back to that member. All BoE items looted must be traded to the GML before rolling for them. The GML may decide to keep it for the Guild Bank!

Class items: if there is no-one else in the raid group who needs your class token, your points won’t be deducted.

Participation Point Calculation

You will be granted 2 points for a successful completion of a boss encounter, and additional 2 points for joining the raid and staying for the whole duration of it.

Tracking your Participation Points

You should download addon Quick DKP V2 (download link).

You may see them in this post (link to the post), or by sending “?dkp” to an Officer by the whisper chat. You should receive an automated reply with your Participation Points.