Raid Information

Raid Information, Conditions, and Rules

Raids are organised 3 times per week.

Raid days are Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday.

Raids begin at 21:00 (CET) and end at 23:00 (CET).

Q: How do I join a raid?

A: You join a raid by signing up for the raid through your in-game calendar. By signing up you are confirming that you are going to stay for the whole duration of the raid (see the durations above). By signing up you are confirming that you will be ready for the raid (you will have your gear enchanted, gemmed, and you will have enough food, enough flasks to cover the whole duration of that raid, as well as the basic information of the raid fights – see Line of Sight Gaming videos on YouTube or read Icy Veins guides). If you sign up you are allowed to be late for the raid for the first 15 minutes of the raid or until the raid reaches the targeted boss. When 15 minutes elapse your signature is invalid and someone else will take your place. If you expect some emergencies or disruptions during the raid you should not sign up. Of course, sometimes unexpected things may happen, and in those cases it is perfectly alright for you to drop out from the raid. Any behaviour that is not in accordance with this can result a ban from raiding with us – it can be timed, but it can be indefinite as well.

Q: Is 21:00 the starting time or gathering time?

A: Starting time. The invites start 10-20 minutes before. If you signed up, you have your place in the raid guaranteed until 21:15 (not a minute after!).

Q: About the food, flasks, gems, enchants…

A: Thanks to people depositing reagents (and ingredients) to our Guild Bank we have plenty of food for our regular raiders, they can be helped by 5-10 food “items” of their choice if they ask an Officer before (!) the raid to send them some. Regular raiders may also ask for a flask, and if the Guild Bank has some stored, they will be sent one. Regular raiders have this benefit only, aka “Knights.” However, you may always ask the guild members to help you out, we have many cooks, many enchanters, many jewel crafters, but be ready to provide regrants to them and show some gratitude. Alternatively, all of us use the Auction House!

Q: What does “PR” and what does “NPR” mean?

A: PR stands for a Progression Raid, while NPR for a Non-Progression Raid. Progression Raids are harder and do not tolerate alts, unless asked to do so. Loot distribution differs also, read about the PR Loot System here. And about NPR Loot System here.

Q: What if I can come to raid at 21:30?

A: You may sign up “tentative,” and in the following cases you may be invited. Case 1. Someone who signup is late for over 15 minutes. Case 2. Someone dropped out of the raid. Case 3. Imagine this scenario: 3 to 4 tentative dps 1 tentative healer appear online – you all may join the raid straight away.

We encourage you to be developing your off spec.

Q: How large are the raids?

A: Flexible. But dependant on the number of healers. So if we have 2 healers, the raid will have 10 people, not 11, and certainly not 12! If it is a progression raid, people who raid regularly and who have better gear will have the priority to join. If it is a non-progression raid, everyone will have equal opportunity to join. So work on your readiness, attendance, and gear to secure your place in such occasions too.

Q: Do we really have to know everything?

A: Yes, we do. But please, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. Preferably before the raid, but also during the raid too. We are here to help each other achieve and progress through the content smoothly. Raid boss strategies are still going to be explained before every fight in bullet point style, however please say if you aren’t sure about some part of it!

Q: Are the raid times strict?

A: Yes they are. The raids won’t be prolonged ever. How much we progress depends completely on us and our competence.

Q: What else should I bring to raid?

A: Decorum. We want everybody to respect each other, any attempt to cause issues is going to be prevented.

Q: What Addons do I need to have installed?

A: You are required to have these: Discord, Deadly Boss Mods, Quick DKP V2 (download link).