Recruitment Information


  • an OFF-TANK with DPS OS
  • and various DPS


Please read “About Us” post before deciding to enter this Guild and further reading this post.

Q: What does the Guild offer?
› normal and heroic mode raids
› mythic dungeons, and mythic plus dungeons are run regularly by the Guild members

Q: When are the raids organised?
› raids are organised 3 times per week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday
› Raids begin at 21:00 (CET) and end at 23:00 (CET)
› you are required to come in time, and prepared

Q: Whichloot option does the Guild use?
› We use “participation point” system (our version of DKP)

Q: Does the Guild have an age preference?
› Players of all ages may join the Guild, you are expected to act with decorum regardless of your age

Q: Are there requirements for joining the Guild?
› There are no requirements you have to meet in order to be invited into the Guild, other than being able to understand and speak English

Q: What else is valued in the Guild?
› It is good to point out that we value your ability to work on yourself, improving your performance, and when you come across a problem you try to find a solution rather than quit

Q: How to join the Guild?
› To join the Guild you only need to speak to someone listed below, there is no need for applications, however you will have to introduce yourself to an Officer

Please contact anyone listed here if you got questions about the Guild or would like to join: Brandillidan-Terenas, Pergalath-Terenas, Sheladelock-Terenas, Swedisharmy-Emerald Dream, Frootels-Terenas.

You may also see our WoWProgress profile, the link is below under “Suggested Links.”